Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy One Year, Mr. P

These past couple months have been crazy! With our recent move from Arkansas to Florida, we've been packing and setting up our home. Which I'll get to. I've been working on a new post on our home!

But here's the bigger news... Mr. P is one whole years old! I am so very proud of this little man, and this year has been an adventure for us!

What's new with him? He walks, he talks, and he's still a firecracker! He has six teeth, and a gap between the top two (it's oh so adorable!) Babies just get cuter and cuter as they get older.

Talking. He enjoys monologuing. He'll go on little rants all over the house. I wanted him to say "MA" first, but looks as though he wants to break my heart, so he says "DA" all the time. I hear that it's a very easy word to pronounce, so it tends to come first. But it's so sweet to hear him say "dada" when his father comes home. It's a surefire way to put a smile on your face. "DA" can also mean "dog" or "dad" or "that". There have been moments when he's been upset when he's lets out a heart wrenching "MAMAMA", but that hasn't been so apparently connected to me. He'll get there, and it'll be so much sweeter when he finally gets to it. For now, he just points at me when he wants me.

Pointing. When he wants something or sees something he likes, he points. He'll point at me when he wants me, he'll point at a dog. Happy boy knows what he wants, which is fun to see. Sometimes his point turns into a Seminole's tomahawk chop.
Shakes his head. To say no! Sometimes I'll catch him shaking his head at his toys. Makes me wonder what the internal dialogue is there...

Listens to and mimics us. This is the neatest part. He knows very simple phrases and actions. He knows that he throws things away in the trash, or in the laundry. He enjoys helping me by tossing things into the laundry bin, and sometimes I'll find his jumbo legos in the trash.

Weaning. I kinda can't wait to wean him. It has been fun, but I'm ready to have my ladies back to myself. He still breastfeeds 4 or so times a day, but he gets much of his calories from food. I'm transitioning him to sippy cups (if anyone has a good suggestion for some good brands, please let me know!) Every day he's drinking more and more, but once he's done with it, he throws it, just like he does with his food.

Eating. It was a struggle finding food that he enjoys, and we've finally found that he's a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. He especially loves some Applegate Uncured Hotdogs and apple juice! I've also been transitioning him to some pouch foods (for travel convenience). He's always been a difficult eater, so it's been a struggle. I see other baby's devouring their food, and I get really jealous! But it's one step at a time for him. I find that since he isn't food motivated, it takes a while longer to train him to eat from pouches or drinking from sippy cups.
Just gets blurrier as he gets older
Social. This little man is good with the ladies. It's probably because he is somehow always surrounded by girls. He has four girl cousins, and the majority of our family friends have had girls. Even when I leave him at the daycare at the gym, girls! I love that he becomes so fixated on other kids when we're out. Which makes me more eager to start on baby #2, so Mr. P has someone to play with. I've also considered that once baby #2 rolls around, we might start putting Mr. P into day care a few times a week to relieve me at home, plus I know he would love hanging around other babies.

Sleeping. Sleeps all night long! We took a huge step back during the move. We were on the road for two weeks and no playard, so we had to make due and let him sleep with us (in very small beds). We had to retrain him to sleep in his crib once we moved into our home. Fortunately, he went back to sleeping in his crib, and now I can get a full nights rest. Putting him down is difficult, he usually cries for 10 minutes or so. Fortunately, he doesn't wake up crying any more.
Sleeping at Great Grandmas
Hijinks. He can be so bad. Like rip off his diaper and pee all over the floor bad. Babies just get more hijinky as they get older!
Walking. He does it! And almost running. When he gets in trouble is when he finds he moves quickest.
One of our favorite places in Tallahassee
Yoda for Halloween
With his dad after a bath
I think that's all for now!
I should have another post up by the end of the week. Hope everyone is doing well :)



  1. Ohhhh, my goodness, he is ADORABLE!!! So happy to see a new post! Happy birthday to your handsome little fella.
    My guy is a terrible eater, too. I know the feeling when you see a baby who eats well, it makes me so frustrated! I'm hoping that once I 100% wean him (soon I hope, I am working on it!) he will be forced to eat real food.
    Glad to see everything is going well! I was having issues with my blog, hope to have it up soon so we can keep up with each other :)

  2. Awww! Isn't it amazing how fast a year goes by and how much they change? He's absolutely adorable!

    I hope you are settled in with your move! That's got to take it all out of you plus the holidays, too!


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